Deepening and Widening

the Bayport Ship Channel (including the Turning Basin and Bayport Flare) and Barbours Cut Channel to Improve Navigational Safety

About the Project

These projects will enable the larger class of vessels that have recently begun to call at Bayport and Barbours Cut to operate in the channel more safely and without restrictions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When would the project start? What equipment would be used? Find the answers to these questions and others here. Bayport Updated 06/20/14; Barbours Cut Updated 06/20/14

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Update: Dredge Booster Instillation

The dredge booster was installed in the Galveston Bay near the confluence of the Bayport Ship Channel and the Houston Ship Channel. The booster allows the dredge to work on a longer dredge pipeline and maintain good production. It does not move and is likely to stay where it is currently installed through the duration of the contract.  Updated 02/10/15